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lewis and clark expedition wikipedia - spanish interference after the lewis and clark expedition set off in may the spanish sent four armed expeditions of 52 soldiers mercenaries and indians on august 1 1804 from santa fe new mexico northward under pedro vial and jos jarvet to intercept lewis and clark and imprison the entire expedition, lewis clark expedition national archives - lewis clark expedition in 1803 president thomas jefferson guided a splendid piece of foreign diplomacy through the u s senate the purchase of louisiana territory from france after the louisiana purchase treaty was made jefferson initiated an exploration of the newly purchased land and the territory beyond the great rock mountains in the west, travel the lewis and clark expedition u s national park - the lewis clark expedition the national park service invites you to explore stories places and the people involved in lewis clark expedition their voyage covered more than 8 000 miles in less than two and a half years it had resounding effects throughout american science and history and disrupted the lives of countless native americans, lewis and clark expedition history facts map - lewis and clark expedition 1804 06 u s military expedition led by capt meriwether lewis and lieut william clark to explore the louisiana purchase and the pacific northwest the expedition was a major chapter in the history of american exploration, history of the lewis and clark expedition thoughtco - achievements of the lewis and clark expedition they also brought back information on the size minerals and the geology of the area in addition the expedition established relations with the native americans in the region one of president jefferson s main goals aside from the confrontation with the teton sioux, lewis and clark expedition historynet - clark promptly ordered former expedition member nathaniel pryor now an army ensign to return mandan chief sheheke also called big white to his home in north dakota sheheke had accepted lewis and clark s invitation to accompany them to washington in the fall of 1806, the lewis and clark expedition - baby elephant rescued viewed with alan tours while on safari at the addo elephant national park duration 14 58 alan tours recommended for you, home journals of the lewis and clark expedition - the journals of the lewis and clark expedition online is sponsored by the national endowment for the humanities the center for great plains studies the university of nebraska center for digital research in the humanities and university of nebraska press, lewis and clark s historic trail - the expedition camps at present day missoula montana a spot lewis and clark called travelers rest to prepare for the mountain crossing september 22 1805 after nearly starving in the mountains the expedition emerges near present day weippe idaho, the journey lewis and clark expedition a national - on april 7 1805 lewis and clark sent the keelboat back to st louis with an extensive collection of zoological botanical and ethnological specimens as well as letters reports dispatches and maps members of the expedition who had caused problems were sent back as well, lewis and clark and louisiana thomas jefferson s monticello - lewis and clark and louisiana thomas jefferson commissioned the lewis and clark expedition in 1803 to explore the northwest territory in order to observe a transcontinental route and natural resources, lewis and clark pbs - lewis and clark screensaver available now for the mac and windows lewis clark the journey of the corps of discovery is a production of florentine films and weta washington d c, lewis and clark expedition american history for kids - lewis and clark expedition members of the lewis and clark expedition the lewis and clark expedition consisted of captain meriwether lewis second lieutenant william clark clark s slave york the soldiers of the corps of discovery and two interpreters the interpreters were a french canadian called toussaint charbonneau and his shoshone wife